Medical Indemnity

Medical indemnity insurance is a vital requirement of registration for all medical practitioners & allied health professionals in Australia. This compulsory variant of professional indemnity insurance is defined by Australian legislation – the Medical Indemnity (Prudential Supervision and Product Standards) Act 2003. The role of the cover is to ensure the protection of both doctors and patients, in the unfortunate event that an incident arises or a patient is harmed whilst receiving medical care.

Medical Indemnity Insurance indemnifies Medical Practitioners/Allied Health Professionals for financial loss arising from claims against them as a result of medical services provided. This can also cover claims that are made against the Hospital, due to negligent acts or errors that arise whilst training is conducted in the medical services field.

In order to provide Brokers & Medical Professionals with an additional and experienced outlet in the field of Medical Indemnity, Tego Insurance has now formed an underwriting partnership with the Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company. This established partnership is based on extensive study of the market and the needs of medical professionals. Specialist knowledge, flexibility and expertise will be of benefit to the industry and will provide financial security in the Australian Health industry.


  • Retroactive cover
  • Satisfies AHPRA product Standards
  • Private practice
  • Public patients
  • Participates in Run-Off cover Scheme
  • Coronial inquiries
  • Complaints and investigations
  • Medicare audits
  • Legal fees, costs and expenses
  • Defamation
  • Administrative Staff cover
  • Employment related disputes
  • Needle-stick cover
  • Privacy breaches


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